Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright Announced For The 3DS [English Subbed Trailer]

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If I was tasked with designing my very own handheld title, my concoction would be some sort of Ace Attorney style adventure game with Professor Layton-esque puzzle elements. Both the Ace Attorney and the Professor Layton franchises have produced some of the best games on the DS and the similarities between them would allow for a truly epic crossover.  Realising the incredible potential of such a project, Level 5 and Capcom have put their collective minds together and here we have Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright for the Nintendo 3DS!

This upcoming title is currently being spearheaded by Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi and will feature a plot involving witchcraft and a villain who pens the future. Level 5 recently released a Japanese trailer for the game and now Official Nintendo Magazine have added English subtitles for your viewing pleasure. Now much is known about how exactly PL vs PW will work but I for one can’t wait to find out!

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