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As we are only a mere 2 weeks away from attending E3, I was motivated by my colleagues to dive deeper into my thoughts on the events and reveal to you my personal journey thus far. Most of you already know me as a game reviews editor and the voice behind the infamous Uh-Oh Factor segment on our Co-op podcast, but my story doesn’t end there. For starters in addition to being a writer and gamer, I also am an independent filmmaker specializing in both animation and illustration. This accounts for why I’m extremely critical when I review games from both a story and design aspect. I have a deep passion to one day expand my knowledge to become a video game designer.

While the movie and video game industry will continue to become a highly competitive job market, I am of the belief that every goal is attainable through focus and faith. For example, I remember being at home unemployed during last year’s E3. The economic recession did a number on my personal finances leaving me with no income to pay medical bills, a car note, and student loan debt. To avoid stress, I utilized my time looking for jobs and occasionally playing Xbox live with some friends. Once I got a chance to watch the live broadcast of E3 2009, something deep within myself told me to say I’d be there next year. I didn’t have a clue as to how this would happen, but my thoughts superseded my situation and gave me a goal to work towards.

Once September of 2009 rolled around, I was introduced to a group of dedicated, loyal gamers, designers, and journalists in the Koalition crew. In working alongside with these guys I have formed a bond and consider what we all have as a mutual friendship and brotherhood. When I was told that we all were able to go to E3 this year, I had to take a minute to realize what was happening before me. As someone who has always struggled to catch a break, I felt like for once I had a shot of being a part of something bigger than myself. To this very day I still have bills and hard times like most people, but I am forever determined to always overcome. This is a critical lesson in the power of belief and that no matter what the obstacle you can always achieve and conquer your goals. Having the opportunity to attend E3 2010 is just the beginning of the big things the Koalition has planned for this year. I wanted to thank all the loyal readers and fans alike and I look forward to updating you on the festivities throughout our E3 coverage. Until then have a safe and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend.

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