South Park Does Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 Right

The new season premier of South Park aired last night on Comedy Central. Like most episodes of the show it pokes fun of things that are going on in the real world. Without a doubt, one of the hottest media topics is the whole Tiger Woods sex scandal. Well South Park went ahead and made fun of that but they also went on to poke fun of EA Sports upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011.

In the world of South Park, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 isn’t just a dull golfing game. The South Park version features fighting, car chases, endorsement loses, and the best move of all, a Pre-Nup Power-up. Obviously, this is not a true reflection of the real game. But if Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 did feature that level of mayhem I would be at least interested, would you?

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