The Koalition Acquired By GamePro Media (April Fools!)

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Edit: This was an April Fools joke. Sorry to those who fell for it, but it’s all in the game.

In what has been a great 1 year and a half we have reached much success. But, nothing tops the news we bring to you guys today. In support of our mission to bring a hip hop voice to the gaming industry GamePro Media has Acquired The Koalition and will help open the gap even further. With the support of GamePro Media we will be able to provide more and better content, as well as big plans for music related projects. We will also have a column in every issue of GamePro Magazine which will cover hip hop related gaming content.

Don’t worry loyal readers, no editors from the site have been given walking papers. No big design changes will happen either. GamePro understands the authenticity we create and won’t do anything to ruin that. We will however be expanding just a tad bit throughout this process. There is so much more I want to speak on, but cant due to some legal work still being fleshed out. Get ready for a big 2010. More details coming soon, sit tight.

Thanks to all the fans for your support, and every person who has ever contributed to The Koalition. You made this happen!

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