Achievements and Trophies can finally be worth something with ‘Kiip’

What is Kiip? Kiip (Keep) is an ad network that likes to reward gamers at their best moment, the achievement. Many gamers have criticized earning achievements and trophies on games as a waste of time. For Xbox you get a higher numerical standing, and for Playstation you get a color graded virtual trophy that is essentially worth nothing. Regardless, gamers have become addicted because that feeling of earning such an achievement is satisfying.

Kiip wants to reward you for reaching that moment. Kiip Founder, Brian Wong explains in an interview with TechCrunch:

“The achievement itself isn’t the cool thing, it’s the moment. We realized that the moment was worth something. The natural evolution is to put something there that actually matches the achievement.”

What are Kiip rewards? So far they have partnered with brands such as: Sephora, popchips, Homerun.com, Sony Dash, Vitamin Water, 1-800-Flowers, Dr. Pepper, GNC, Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s. And they all offer vouchers, free samples, and more. All of this for beating a level on a game? Sounds to good to be true, but it’s true. And more brands will be on the way as they grow.

The issue I have so far is, its just for mobile games for now. But I asked Brian via Twitter about Kiip being available for console based titles, and he hasnt ruled it out. “who says we can’t do console” Brian tells me via Twitter. With rumors of Microsoft lurking into the ‘Free To Play’ business, programs like Kiip may actually be the future of achievements and trophies.

For more info on Kiip visit TechCrunch or Kiip.com

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