Joe Danger: The Movie Impressions – Oscar Worthy?

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And the award for Best Stuntman in a Videogame goes to…. Joe Danger for his role in Joe Danger: The Movie!

Last year Joe Danger wowed me with his self-titled PSN release which saw the stuntman navigate his motorcycle through dangerous obstacle courses in what can be described as a 2D platformer on wheels. For this sequel Joe has left the desert and traded in his bike for an array of different vehicles such as mine carts, tanks and jetpacks.

In the extremely short demo that I went hands-on with, I was able to play through four bite-sized levels which were enough to get me excited for the final product. In two of those levels I was riding the aforementioned mine cart along a set of tracks, speeding through loops and switching lanes whenever the opportunity presented itself. Another level saw me skiing across a snowy landscape, performing stunts and landing in the middle of targets to attain the highest score possible and in the final level I was riding a police motorcycle down a busy street, avoiding other vehicles while collecting tasty, pink donuts!

From what I’ve seen, Joe Danger: The Movie is pretty much Joe Danger with new vehicles, however Hello Games promises that this sequel will provide a “completely new” experience. The fact that Joe is shooting scenes for a movie opens the creativity floodgates for the developers which will hopefully lead to more exciting, uniquely themed levels. No release date has been announced as of yet but Joe Danger: The Movie is expected to arrive on PSN and XBLA later this year.

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