Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo Set For A February 15th Release

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Great news Killzone fans. You will have the chance to test out the single player portion of Killzone 3 a little earlier than you thought because a demo for one of this years most anticipated games will be going live on February 15th. When I say demo, I really mean two because there will be 2D and 3D versions of the demo uploaded to the PlayStation Network that day.

The 2D version will contain a snippet of the “Icy Incursion” single-player level and will allow you to play Splitscreen with a buddy. The 3D version will contain the same level as the 2D version, minus the splitscreen support. Both, however will have full PlayStation Move support. That means you can test¬† out those new melee kills in an even more realistic way.

Got PlayStation Plus? Good for you. Your demo/s will go live on the 8th of February, a whole week before everyone else. Sweet.

Europeans. You will have until the 9th of February (PS Plus) and 16th February to get your hands on some Killzone 3 single-player action. Boooo.

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