Namco’s InVersion Gravity Bending Action Trailer

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When this game was first revealed the concept sounded very cool but the more Namco reveals about this game the more it resembles a Gears Of War like action game meshed with Infamous, Bioshock powers. But this game has one aspect which gives its own identity, the gravity bending aspect of the levels which has not been revealed completely yet. I think that seems to be by design, Namco want gamers to be surprised as they see what looks like a normal 3rd person shooting experience literally turn upside down or sideways across the battlefield.

Namco gave a small teaser of the experience last year, in middle of the action gravity stops sending your character up in the air until the InVersion experience occurs attaching your character upside of a building introducing a totally new battlefield perspective to the level design. When Namco finally reveals it will be one of those cool moments to experience for the first time in the 3rd person genre, InVersion debuts on Xbox 360 and PS3 in Spring 2012.

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