Nintendo Confirms 3DS Launch Date/Price For US & Europe

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Nintendo just wrapped up their European and Stateside events and we now know everything about the 3DS’ US and EU launch… sort of. Launch titles are still unconfirmed for both regions although Nintendo ensures us that the handheld will receive 25+ games between launch and E3 2011. But when exactly is that launch, and how much will it cost you?

In North America the system will launch on March 27th for a RRP of $249.99. Disappointing date, disappointing price but I’m sure Nintendo will still have trouble keeping up with the demand. In Europe the 3DS will launch on March 25th, as for price Nintendo says “ask your retailer”… seriously. Well they’ve now been asked and the UK’s biggest retailer GAME says “We’re still working it out – it may not be announced until tomorrow”. HMV quickly became the first retailer to do the calculations and they now have the 3DS available to pre-order for £230 ($367). This was quickly followed by Play‘s £220 ($351) but hopefully we’ll see the price drop even lower.

So, a pretty disappointing day in general which ended with Europeans being shafted as usual, hopefully the quality of the games themselves will provide some sort of light at the end of this tunnel.

Update: More UK prices… Zavvi: £217.85, GAME: £229.99, Amazon: £219.99

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