Rumor Of The Day – Windows 8 Will Support Xbox 360 Games

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So i was browsing a few of my favorite forums today and found this laughable rumor. It comes from a site called They are reporting that the next installment of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 8 will have support for full Xbox 360 games.

The site say that “their sources” have informed them that Windows 8 will ship with full Xbox 360 support, complete with a subscription fee just like today’s Xbox Live. They also said that games will be delivered by way of the Games For Windows Live Marketplace and the service will not allow cross platform play, which if you don’t know means PC and console gamers playing against each other.

I don’t know about you, but I found this hilarious. I mean if Microsoft were able to make this work, it would be a great move in many peoples eyes, but anyone who games on PC knows the Games For Windows Live service is absolutely terrible, it causes more trouble than its worth and the rumored subscription fee will without a doubt put off many PC gamers. Remember when Microsoft tried to charge PC gamers for Xbox Live?

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