Spider-Man: Edge of Time E3 Trailer & Screenshots

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Even though they’re not the best of games I do find current Spider-Man games mildly enjoyable. Maybe that’s just me playing devil’s advocate to everyone else’s hate for Spider-Man games but these games have gotten slightly better with time. That brings us to this years Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, which looks mildly thrilling.

It’s E3 week, so we just received a batch of assets for Spider-Man: EOT. I’m still scratching my head on whether I even want to play as Spider-Man 2099. He looks cool but I don’t really want to play in his universe. The most intriguing thing about the game looks to be the changes in time and the mention of cause and effect situations in the game. Hopefully there are significant choices you can make in the game and not just forcing you as a player to do something.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time will be out this Fall. Check out the latest assets below, and let me know what you think of Spider-Man games in recent history and what you think of this one.

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