Wouldn’t Assassin’s Creed Make A Great Movie? Ubisoft Thinks So Too

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As reported by Variety, French video game company Ubisoft has started Ubisoft Motion Pictures with the intent of bringing it’s signature franchises to the big screen.

In 2007, Ubisoft had launched Ubisoft Digital Arts, specializing in computer animation which led to the creation of the 3D Avatar video game. Along with the acquisition of Montreal-based effects studio Hybride Technologies, Ubisoft made the initial steps towards the creation of its film studio.

The movie based on the Ubisoft game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, proved to be a financial success raking in $335 million dollars worldwide. It only makes sense now to capitalize on the opportunities it has with it’s other blockbuster franchises, including Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Driver, and Ghost Recon, to name a few.

The creation of Ubisoft Motion Pictures provides evidence of video games influence over mainstream media. There are numerous examples of film studios and film personalities crossing over into video games, but not so much the other way around. Comics have already made their splash, so hopefully we can expect to see some amazing video game movies in the future.

Original Source: Variety

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