Mass Effect 3 Contests Give You Free Stuff Every Night This Week

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the better part of the last week playing Mass Effect 3. Whether playing the single player campaign or the Galaxy at War multiplayer, there’s a lot to keep you occupied. Well, why not win some swag while you’re at it?

Bioware is offering two unique contests, and the winners can bag some unique Mass Effect 3 goodies. The first is called “Citadel Days”, and it calls on Mass Effect fans to post videos of their unique gaming experiences. Prizes will be given for the best Shepard moment, best multiplayer move, best omnikill, best multiplayer commentary, and best cinematic redub.

The second contest, titled “N7 Nights”,  relates to the multiplayer, and winners are picked daily. If you sign up for Raptr, a gaming social media service that tracks your progress over Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, and Xfire, and play Mass Effect 3 online between 7PM PST and 11PM PST, you can win free Mass Effect 3 gear. The prizes vary, from t-shirts to action figures, and even custom-skinned Mass Effect Xbox 360 consoles.

Signing up is easy, and if you’re already playing the game, you might as well give yourself a chance at winning big! Full entry details, a list of prizes, and announced winners can be found at the Bioware blog. Hurry, the contest ends March 18th!

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