Nintendo Reveals Wii U Price and Release Date

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Today Nintendo revealed the release date and pricing info to  the Wii U. The system will launch in North America and Europe on November 18th and November 30th respectively.

There will be two SKU’s for consumers to choose from at launch. The “Basic” model comes with a White console/gamepad, a 8GB harddrive, a HDMI cable and a sensor bar (US only) while the “Premium” model features a black console/gamepad, 32GBs of storage, a copy of NintendoLand, a HDMI cable, stands for both the controller and the console and a charging cradle. The premium model also comes a Nintendo Network Premium Subscription which offers exclusive eShop discounts.

In the US, the Basic model will retail for $299 while the Premium model will run you back $349. As usual, Nintendo are allowing EU retailers to set their own prices but early indications suggest a price range of £250 – £300.

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