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Throwback Thursday: KRS-One – Squash All Beef

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This is a new series being introduced to The Koalition in which every Thursday me or one of the other editors (or a certain special guest) will post a throwback song from back in the day that we enjoy. Hip Hop is at a shady place right now, and I often admit to listening to songs from the past rather than much of the new stuff out there.

The song I have chosen to kick things off with is from one of my favourite Ol’Skoolers KRS-One. The song Squash All Beef (1995) has a real message that really resonates with me. Many times in the line of conflict I tell myself “This isn’t worth it”. If you have a problem with someone, ignore them and carry on living in peace – it’s simple. Not only does KRS-One sum up the topic of beef, he also drops a whole lot of gems such as;

If I ruled the schools, from pole to pole
the entire judicial system would fold
I would get rid of the books cause they bogus
and in school, Knowledge of Self would be the focus

Enjoy the song and share you’re thoughts.

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