5 Characters I Want To See Return In The Walking Dead Season Two

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Last night marked the return of AMC’s highly anticipated horror drama TV series The Walking Dead. Based originally on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, the franchise also enjoyed a tremendous amount of success last year when Telltale Games released a Walking Dead video game. The 5-part episodic series ignited the emotions of fans everywhere and eventually went on to receive some very well deserved Game of the Year awards.

With Season Two scheduled to launch before the year is over, I felt it was an appropriate time to elaborate on the games further through a series of articles. Today’s piece will take a look further ahead and offer my thoughts on 5 characters that I want to see return in the second season of The Walking Dead video game. Clementine is guaranteed to be an integral part of next season and therefore won’t be one of the main people mentioned on this list.

Walking Dead 1


By the end of No Time Left, many questions lingered over what exactly happened to Kenny. While the character had his fair share of differences between himself and Ben, his ultimate act of trying to save the kid from a horde of zombies proved to give him some redeeming qualities. Prior to this, Kenny had to endure the hardships of losing both his son and wife to the horrific aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Even though he occasionally had arguments with Lee, he still respected him and saw just how important protecting Clementine was to him.

Up to this point, Telltale has confirmed that Kenny’s fate will be explored in full in season two. Proof of this concept first surfaced during Shel’s story in The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC. The group she debated with mentioned beating up Kenny and stealing his prized getaway boat. This event only happens if you decide to leave Kenny solely behind with his boat. Considering that Shel was one of the 5 characters highlighted in 400 Days, it would be interesting if she does come face-to-face with Kenny. This confrontation could get ugly rather quickly and provide an interesting backdrop to the character tension that Telltale so beautifully crafted during season one.

Walking Dead 2


Molly first made her appearance in Around Every Corner and instantly stole the show. A survivor used to being on her own, Molly initially found trouble in working with the group but eventually took a liking to Clementine and noticed the significance behind her relationship with Lee. While she chose to leave the group at the end of this episode, it’s evident that Telltale has left the door wide open for her to return at some point. It’s also worth noting that depending upon choices made in the game, Clementine can actually save Molly from a walker. Having this character return the favor when Clementine is in dire need of help could easily set the course for a long awaited reunion between the two.

Walking Dead 3


Known by many fans simply as the person single-handedly responsible for Carley’s untimely death, Lilly is easily the most despised character next to her racist father Larry. The option earlier on for Lee to flirt with her by getting on her good side quickly goes right out the window after she labels Ben as a threat and chooses to shoot either Carley or Doug at point blank range. The choices that follow afterward consists of either leaving her behind or trusting her long enough for her to steal the RV the group is diving in.

Abandoning her is an interesting concept that could essentially spell trouble for anyone who was part of the original group. Had Lilly survived the events of season one, she could essentially come back seeking vengeance. The stranger that kidnapped Clementine last season proved to be a notable human antagonist and Lilly can easily fall into that role if it makes sense within the story’s context.

Walking Dead 4

Christa and Omid

The beloved couple first introduced in Long Road Ahead eventually bonded with the group and promised to watch over Clementine if anything ever happened to Lee. In true Walking Dead fashion, Lee didn’t make it past the final episode but did manage to give Clem advice on where to go and how to find Christa and Omid. When the credits stopped rolling on No Time Left, Clementine was seen in what appears to be the countryside staring at two approaching figures in the distance. While it is unclear if these two people are Christa and Omid, the silhouettes do bear resemblances to both characters. Knowing the historical context of the series as a whole, we are already aware that there are no such things as givens or happy ending. Meeting up with the couple within that context seems all too easy and I for one am looking forward to seeing how Telltale brings these characters back together again.

This concludes my list on 5 Characters I Want To See Return In The Walking Dead Season Two. Do you agree or disagree with my any of my choices? Which characters would you love to see most in season two? Please feel free to leave your choices in the comments section below.

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