Batman: Arkham Origins Coming Oct. 25th, Not A Rocksteady Game

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The Batman: Arkham games made a huge impact as one of the best games this generation. With the current-gen making its exit soon, it’s surprising that WB didn’t hold out for the next-gen to start before announcing Batman: Arkham Origins. This is the third game in the Arkham series and judging by the title “Origins”, it takes place before the other two. More importantly than that is that the game is announced for PC, PS3, Xbox360, and even the Wii U. But what about PS4? And even more news is that the game is being developed by WB Montreal, not by Rocksteady.

Arkham Origins will be the first in the series to take the action to the streets of Gotham City. The game takes place on Christmas Eve, a day where all the top assassins come to take Batman out. Details are scarce on the enemies and how big Gotham City will be but if you want more info check out next months issue of Game Informer.


I still haven’t even mentioned that a separate title, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will come out on the same day for 3DS and Vita. No word on how different they are from the console versions but I’m sure they’re just dumbed down versions. Either way let us know what you think of the announcement. Do you want to play this on a next-gen system? And do you care that it isn’t Rocksteady Studios behind it?

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