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Beyond: Two Souls may not be for everyone (Hands-on Preview)

Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls has become a highly anticipated title for the PlayStation 3. With promises of dramatic cinematography, emotional storyline, and unique gameplay, could Beyond: Two Souls be the successor to the award-winning Heavy Rain?

It’s highly likely.

The Koalition team had the opportunity to play a segment of this game at E3 this year. Not surprisingly, what started off as a regular hands-on demo soon became a wondrous experience of gameplay. That being said, the game may not be every gamer’s cup of tea.

The demo set the gamer in the poverty-stricken streets of Somalia, where protagonist Jodie Holmes completes a mission as a military CIA operative. With the help of a supernatural force named ‘Aiden’ and a Somali boy by the name of Salim, Jodie completes her mission through the obstacles that ensue.

The demo proved this game to be a dramatic one. Near the end of the demo, the gamer witnesses a terrified Jodie contemplating suicide while Somali gang members attempt to barge in through the door (pictured above and below). Her cries are incredibly realistic, and really set the scene.

Beyond Two Souls Preview

Another gripping scene was experienced when Jodie and Salim quietly hide in the back of a moving truck. The feelings of fear and vulnerability embody our protagonist; it was easy for the gamer to empathize with Jodie during this moment.

The gameplay and cutscenes meshed well with each other in this game. Just like in Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream created a movie-like gaming experience with Beyond: Two Souls. The controls however, seem to have evolved beyond Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls revolves around quick time event (QTE) gameplay and utilizes the Sixaxis motion controls. During close combat, the gamer is obliged to fight and defend with hardly any guidance – something far more exciting than Heavy Rain. Furthermore, scenes involving ‘Aiden’ incorporate unique controls to ‘charge up’ against an enemy. These controls, at first, were a bit confusing during the demo, but easily became satisfying once familiar with them.

But will Beyond: Two Souls be loved and adored by everyone? Probably not. We were told by the Sony representative that the demo captured one of the game’s most intense gameplays. Unfortunately, the gameplay’s controls were not very intense. However, the demo showed off other great features in the game. Rather than focusing on action-oriented gameplay, it has become apparent that Beyond: Two Souls will exceed expectations in cinematography, drama and emotion.

Seldom do we come across a video game that pulls on our heartstrings so efficiently. With unique controls and an emotional storyline, developer Quantic Dream will entice the gamer with this game. If you enjoyed Heavy Rain, you will most definitely enjoy Beyond: Two Souls.

Are you looking forward to play it?