Check Out These New Beyond: Two Souls Videos

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Quantic Dreams’ latest game Beyond: Two Souls has been pretty quiet since it’s announcement, fortunately we have been treated with gameplay videos that show us three widely different parts of David Cage’s new game.

The first video shows a hospital escape, sounds easy? What if the hospital was on fire! Not so easy now.
The second video shows off the combat in the game, with a comparison to Heavy Rain in the middle showing you how Beyond: Two Souls has progressed over the QTE ladened Heavy Rain.
Finally, the third video shows you the lab test, in which people are being tested for supernatural powers.

Check out the videos below!

Personally I really enjoyed Heavy Rain at the time so I am looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls, hopefully the story-telling has improved in this game considering how many plot holes there were in Heavy Rain. David Cage has spoken a big game over stories in videogames, so lets see if he can improve them himself.

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