Check Out These New Bioshock Infinite Videos

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Bioshock Infinite has to be one of the most anticipated titles of this year, with Grand Theft Auto V close behind, and fortunately we don’t have too long to wait for it, the gameplay videos and trailers are ramping up as Irrational start to advertise the game, which means that we get to see even more of it.

You know today is going to be a good day when you get two new Bioshock Infinite videos, the first video (embedded above) from IGN showcases the combat in Bioshock Infinite with a commentary from Irrational Games themselves.

The second video below is a new trailer for the game named “False Shepard” which shows off some more of the story and gameplay in the game.

Bioshock Infinite releases March 26 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC.

Source: IGN

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