David Hayter May Reclaim His Role as Snake

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Earlier this year, Kojima said that they would be replacing Snake’s voice actor, David Hayter, with new talent. According to IGN and a tweet from Hayter himself, they now may be teasing the voice actor’s return to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Here is the tweet below.

Hayter’s tweet is too vague to draw any real conclusions. Perhaps he is hinting at taking back his role, joking that he may be slightly rusty. He did, after all, reveal his absence on April Fools’ Day–much to the annoyance of gaming bloggers everywhere. Or he could literally be making a joke about losing his voice role to someone new. There’s simply too much that can be implied from that winking emoticon.

Either way, we’ll find out whether Kojima changed his mind after listening to the cries of the internet, or if this is yet another rumor in attempt to get our hopes up. At this point, I no longer care what the outcome is so long as they stop yanking our chains.

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