Double Fine Goes Two-for-Two with Massive Chalice Kickstarter

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Double Fine announced today that they’re launching their second Kickstarter for the (hopefully) upcoming game, Massive Chalice. This will be the company’s second Kickstarter since the historically successful Broken Age Kickstarter, in which the company well surpassed their $400,000 goal.

Double Fine released a video as part of the Kickstarter announcement. In typical fashion, the team created a humorous narrative about reviving a catatonic Brad Muir in order to extract his idea from his mind. Upon success (oh right, Spoiler Alert), Brad reveals the details of his proposed project in which you play as an immortal king in a strategy RPG. He likens the game to play similarly to X-Com or Final Fantasy Tactics. The king will command heroes whom age and will eventually die via perma-death. This means that the king will have to make choices on which heroes he will send to the battle field and which heroes he will bench and arrange marriages to help perpetuate the bloodline. Each hero will eventually die and leave behind a relic which later generations will be able to equip for powerful stats.

Double Fine has multiple teams under its wing, so the development of Broken Age won’t be interrupted. The team wants $725,000 for Massive Chalice. Whether or not Double Fine is able to replicate its success a second time is entirely up to us.

Click here for more information on the Kickstarter, and let us know in the comments if you’ll be supporting Massive Chalice!

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