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Explore The Story Behind Ryse With These Two New Trailers

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Today Crytek have released two new story trailers for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome. Check out the videos embedded below.

The first trailer is centred around the games protagonist Marius Titus, who is seeking revenge after his family was killed by barbarians. This leads him to build an army in search of vengeance.

This second trailer builds up the lore and fiction of Ryse’s world. It talks about the legend of Damocles who was cowardly abandoned in battle and died. The goddess of revenge Nemesis then sent him back into the real world in order to get revenge on those who abandoned him. Basically the game is about revenge, which sounds about right considering that’s what Gladiator is about.

Having played Ryse at Eurogamer Expo, I must admit I am quite excited to play it now. I had only heard very bad things about the game and I didn’t find it bad at all. The co-op mode seems simple and fun, perfect for if you just want to do some gladiatorial killing.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Ryse so far, is anyone out there interested in it at all?

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