Grand Theft Auto V: First Gameplay Video Released

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The wait is finally over as we get our first look of actual gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto V being played. Check out the video above.

The 5 minute video focuses on the world you will be playing in during the game and highlights many important features. We get our first look at how character switching works during a mission and during leisure, the transition seems quick and easy which is very good news. We also get to see some driving and flying as well as cycling, tennis, golf and scuba diving.

The world seem vast and full of things to do and see and I must say it does look awfully pretty, obviously it’s not going to look the best but it is a nice upgrade over GTA IV. The driving seems a lot less physics based and more like an arcade driving game, a major complaint about GTA 4. The shooting seems similar to the previous game but a bit more fluid, of course it is hard to tell these things until you’ve played it for yourself.

The video ends with a tease for Grand Theft Auto Online and a promise of more info about it coming soon, I can’t wait!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the gameplay video and whether or not you’ll be picking up Grand Theft Auto V on September 17.

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