New GTA V Screenshots Showcase The Fast Life

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Today Rockstar Games sent us over 11 new screenshots for their upcoming GTA V video game. The images below highlight Michael, Trevor, and Franklin as they are living life in the fast lane. We also get a preview of more car, boat, and plane images as they pertain towards the single player campaign.

In addition to these new screenshots, Rockstar also unveiled that Grand Theft Auto Online will receive a full fledged reveal next month. Ever since the feature was first teased during the GTA V gameplay reveal earlier this month, many fans have been eagerly anticipating what GTA V multiplayer will be like. I wrote an extensive article on 5 Things I want to see from GTA V multiplayer a few weeks ago as well. With today’s news, it’s good to know that we will all get to see what GTA online is soon enough.

GTA V launches worldwide on the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on September 17th. While a PC version hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is highly likely that the studio is working towards creating one now.

Where you impressed by these new GTA V screenshots? Are you looking forward to the Grand Theft Auto Online reveal? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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