Is A PlayStation 4 Reveal Forthcoming?

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Yesterday, Sony jumped onto their official PlayStation youtube page and released a cryptic video detailing a major reveal forthcoming on February 20th.

The video above showcases several shapes that are recognizable as part of the PlayStation brand and all point to signs of a huge announcement in the works. It’s worth noting that the last time Sony publicized an event of this magnitude, it ended up being for the official reveal of the PlayStation Vita. Considering that rumors have been running rampant lately on next-gen consoles, my best guess is that this very well could end up being a PlayStation 4 reveal.

Sony CEO and President Kaz Hirai has already stated publically that the PlayStation 4 console didn’t need to launch ahead of Microsoft’s next Xbox system. However, recent financial troubles and the closure of a few Sony offices may have changed their gameplan moving forward. In any event, gamers everywhere should be excited for all the news thats ahead on the future of both Microsoft and PlayStation consoles.

Fans who are eager to follow all the updates can do so by clicking on the official PlayStation Reveal website right HERE.

Do you think this announcement is a PlayStation 4 related? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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