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Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut Content Free for PC/Mac Owners

I recently had a chance to review Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut for PSN, and (SPOILER ALERT) I loved it. Apart from smoothing out the already polished game, Jasper Byrne included two extra endings that’s well hidden–motivating previous owners to jump aboard PSN’s ship.  PC owners who are unable to jump aboard may  feel like they’re standing outside the windows of their favorite toy store–so close and yet so far away from that new toy. Fear not, as Jasper Byrne is not going to leave you in the cold–he’ll even throw in the content for free.

While Jasper is more than kind to throw in the extra content for previous owners of Lone Survivor, he’s raising the price of the game  slightly for the uninitiated; however, he promises a sale within the first few weeks of the release, and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut will now be released on GOG. The increase in price makes sense–he did put a whole ten months into developing the extra content for the Director’s Cut.

Interestingly enough, Jasper lists more good news for previous owners  of the PC version of Lone Survivor on his blog.

“what’s really cool is that your saved game from the original version will still be compatible with The Director’s Cut. in fact, it’s even possible to start out in one version and switch to the other mid-game. so you may want to keep a copy of the original around, for posterity, and to compare the differences.”

So, if you’re scrambling for a good horror game to play this Halloween, and you already own Lone Survivor for PC, then you should be set.

Source: Superflat Games

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