Mr. Runner 2 Dashes to App-Stores this April

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Zing Games released today a trailer of the sequel to the popular Mr. Runner, titled Mr. Runner 2. The game is slated to launch April 24, 2013, which is next Wednesday if you will.

Mr. Runner 2: The Masks has an interesting art style that exudes charm. The designers seemed to have combined their multiple settings to create a surreal, dream-like world. In brisk time, I particular noted seeing  the main character traversing a grassy area with treasure, fleeing from a boulder-like pizza in an 80s arcade, and jumping across an area that I couldn’t properly describe because I couldn’t help but notice the gargantuan burnt-orange whale in the sky. I was sold right when the whale made its debut appearance.

According to Zing’s You Tube description, “The mischievous Le Magie has sprung a vile trap and locked your head in a mysterious mask! Hunt down Le Magie through strange and uncharted worlds. Unlock the mask before you forget who you are!” The game will feature:

  • Simple two touch controls
  • 4 game worlds featuring different themes and challenges
  • 32 carefully crafted levels with high replayability for HOURS of fun
  • Epic boss fights to test your evasion skills
  • Cute characters, vibrant worlds, marvelous animations, and stunning art direction.
  • 54 pop-culture inspired masks
  • 5 special ability outfits
  • Interactive menus: Explore the castle and meet new characters!
  • Game Center supported

While all of those features seem nice–simple touchscreen controls are always a bonus–they could have just left it at giant majestic whale and that would hopefully be enough to sell all the copies. Though I haven’t played the first game, I already appreciate Mr. Runner 2: The Mask’s surreal setting, and I can’t wait to explore it properly.

The trailer apparently has a secret code hidden within. Feel free to click the trailer below and tell me if you found the code in the comments section!

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