New Killer Instinct Trailer Reveals Sadira and Orchid

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Over the weekend, Double Helix Games released a brand new trailer from their upcoming Killer Instinct video game.

The video above introduces us to a new female assassin character by the name of Sadira. In this short trailer, Sadira administers a brutal beatdown to series favorite Sabrewulf. The character’s unique design, sharp claws, and web-like attacks are already capturing the attention of many longtime fans of the franchise. Double Helix Games has described Sadira as a character full of mystery who also instills fear in every one of her opponents.

At the very end of this trailer, we get a brief glimpse of a newly designed Orchid. Fans of the original game are no doubt happy that she is returning to the roster and will anxiously be awaiting the next video that will show her in action. Given that the game is out in November, that video will most likely be released any day now.

Ever since first being announced at Microsoft’s Pre E3 2013 press event, Killer Instinct has picked up a ton of momentum and fans have remained eager to play it. While I do believe the game will be good, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a title that should make you want to buy an Xbox One on day one. Truth be told, Microsoft has plenty of games lined up for the console and some will no doubt be better than others. Still if you was a fan of the original Killer Instinct, then picking this up will be an absolute no-brainer.

Killer Instinct launches exclusively on the Xbox One on November 22nd. Are any of you planning on trying out the game? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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