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New Xbox One Video Talks Multiplayer Improvements

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Xbox today released a video showcasing the new features of multiplayer on the Xbox One.

The video hosted by Major Nelson and AceyBongos talks about the new SmartMatch, Xbox’s new rep system, cloud saves and more. Check out the video embedded above for the six minute look at the new features.

After watching the video, I do like the sound of match-making in the background while doing other things on the Xbox One. That means that I no longer have to wait in lobbies doing nothing. The video talks up the new rep system a lot, but I am yet to have seen a rep system that actually works fairly. Hopefully their system is good. At least we can now block people with one button, and that will help get rid of people singing into their mics pretty quickly.

The idea of being able to sign into any console anywhere and all of your saves and information go with you seems good on paper, but when the cloud goes down and breaks and you lose everything, and it’s not going to be very fun at all. I don’t think I’m ready to go 100% cloud yet.

Let me know what you think of the new multiplayer features on the Xbox one and tell me in the comments if you trust the evil cloud yet.

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