Nintendo Announced Pokémon X and Y for 3DS, Coming October 2013

If there’s anything Nintendo taught us with this next announcement is that people should actually watch Nintendo Direct sometimes. During a Pokémon themed episode of Nintendo Direct, President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata announced Generation VI of the Pokémon series which means new Pokémon and new games. Those games being Pokémon X and Y for the 3DS, with a global launch of October 2013.

Some of the info that was detailed were the three new Pokémon you choose at the beginning of your adventure and the two new legendary Pokémon in the game. Pokémon X and Y will be the first games of the series to be rendered fully in polygonal 3D, this includes the main character and environments in 3D. The Pokémon battles are also in 3D, goodbye sprites.

Check of the episode of Nintendo Direct below and let me know what you think of the Pokémon series as a whole.

P.S. I want Pokémon Snap 2 for Wii U.

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