Pikmin & Olimar Added To Super Smash Bros. Roster

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Earlier this morning, Nintendo revealed that the Pikmin & Olimar will be added to the roster of Nintendo’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. video game.

This news came directly from the official Smash Bros. website in the form of a character roster news update. The addition of the Pikmin and Olimar now rounds out the total number of fighters to 13 with still plenty more character announcements to come. Below are a few screenshots of the Pikmin & Olimar in action.

With Pikmin 3 poised to hit stores early next month, today’s announcement seems like it was timed perfectly by Nintendo. While it was already a given that both of these characters would be in this game one way or another, the real question now is will this ultimately turn out to be a good roster addition when all is said and done?

As proven by our editor JakeJames Lugo’s recent article on ten possible Super Smash Bros. roster additions, Nintendo has an array of popular characters that easily could have been added to this game instead of the Pikmin & Olimar. However, I personally believe that diehard fans everywhere will still buy this game no matter who is on the final roster. Super Smash Bros. is one of the main games that people purchased a Wii U for and I don’t think that Nintendo will disappoint.

Are you excited to hear that the Pikmin & Olimar will be in Super Smash Bros.? Do you plan on picking up Pikmin 3 next month? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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