Remedy Details How Quantum Break Will Bring TV And Games Together

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Remedy are well known for crossing the lines between real life and videogames, for example the FMV cutscenes in the Alan Wake DLC, well next time Remedy are trying to go one step further, putting an actual TV show within Quantum Break.

Remedy are attempting to blend the realms of television and videogames together in their upcoming title, but so far we have been unaware of how they will try and do this, finally we have some clarification thanks to Sam Lake, the creative director and writer of the game, who spoke to Game Informer about Quantum Break:

You play an episode of the game, you do certain junction points and choices along the way, and once you get to the end, we unlock an episode of the show.

You get to watch it and see the consequences of the choices you’ve made in the game. Then you see glimpses of other stuff that helps you in the game, it gives you further information about certain things as well as clues how to unlock even further material. And then once again you get to play another episode of the game and it goes like that.”

This certainly sounds very ambitious, putting a TV show within the game seems like a difficult thing to do but in reality it seems like they are just doing full motion cutscenes instead of pre-rendering them. The problem with this is that the episodes could be quite long and hopefully the production is good enough to improve the viewing experience, rather than people just wanting to skip through to the next gameplay section.

I have a lot of faith in Remedy to pull this off, the story in Alan Wake was very interesting and from what I have seen of Quantum Break so far it seems like they’ve done it again.

Let me know if this TV and game mix appeals to you and if you think Remedy can pull it off.

Source: Game Informer

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