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Sony: PlayStation Plus Connects Members to Indies

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Sony’s CEO Andrew House spoke with CVG about how he thinks PlayStation Plus helps their audience find “quirky” indie games.

With PlayStation Plus, we’ve almost stumbled upon a great way to connect independent games developers with an audience

Interestingly enough, House thinks PlayStation Plus offers indie developers a better shot at success as compared to the mobile space.

From what independent developers tell me, the mobile space is an increasing struggle for those looking to find an audience, so we have the opportunity to give two things to independent games developers.

One is an opportunity to stretch their legs creatively, with differentiated interfaces and a big-screen experience. And the second thing is to connect them with an audience.

Indie developers may have difficulties replicating the success of the occasional Angry Birds on the appstore.  PlayStation Plus, on the other hand, is known for its discounts (sometimes for the low price of free) and cross console promotion among other things. These services may help indies expand their audience.

Apparently, Sony has made some changes to PlayStation Plus since they launched the PlayStation 4–I wouldn’t know because I still haven’t upgraded to PlayStation Plus or purchased the new console–but I  imagine the share button will also help connect their members to indie games.

What service do you prefer when discovering indie games. Do you think PlayStation Plus does a great job, or do you prefer something else?

Source: CVG

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