Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 18: What Is The True Definition of a Role-Playing Game?

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Richard Bailey joins myself and David Jagneaux in this week’s episode of Turn Based. Our colleague ElectroJade asked me a thoughtful question recently. The question was whether a game like Heavy Rain could be considered an RPG, due to the fact you assume the role of the numerous characters and make decisions for them. I personally wouldn’t call Heavy Rain an RPG, but I could easily see how somebody could make the distinction. We decided that this was a topic that should be discussed in more detail, so our main discussion surrounds the question “What is the true definition of a role-playing game?” Be sure to share your thoughts below.


Also on this episode we discuss the recent Diablo 3 auction house exploits, and the Defiance TV to video game events. There was also the awesome news that Rift would be going free-to-play, and developer Epic discussed about free-to-play business models on consoles recently. With the combination of these free-to-play topics we decided to touch on why we believe free-to-play is the way of the future.

David Jagneaux also makes a special announcement regarding the Neverwinter Foundry and future Turn Based podcasts, and we give an update on our very own role-playing game ‘Project Red Panda’.

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