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Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 19: The Worst Game Ever!

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This week on our RPG focused podcast Turn Based we invited former Playstation Uni writer Colten Timmons to join us, he was a very entertaining guest and he helped us debut our new ‘Quick Discussion’ segment. We kicked off Quick Discussion with naming the worst game we’ve ever played. There are some good picks, so be sure to listen as well as list some of your own worst gaming experiences below.

We also touched on some E3 and SGC topics as we were able to attend both events. We spoke for a long time about The Witcher series, comparing the first two games and mulling over what we know about the 3rd game so far. Colton also brought up an interesting point about how mainstream video games could never get away with some of the material featured in both the original Fallout game and The Witcher series. The Witcher itself is getting particularly popular, but they are still able to get away with extremely mature themes. Please share your thoughts, as this is a topic we may discuss further in a future episode.

Now that Neverwinter Online is out we decided to revisit it by discussing some of the updates and future plans. We also discuss some of the new additions to the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD collection including the brand new epilogue scene.

All of this and more on Turn Based episode 19. If you have an interest in RPGs or would like to learn more about them, then maybe you would like to be a future guest on Turn Based. Let us know if you would like to be a guest by either leaving a comment or by using our contact form.

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