Vita Heaven Round-Up: PSO2 On PS Vita, FFXHD Plus More…

Yesterday in Japan, Sony held the PS Vita livestream Vita Heaven, which promised some announcements for the system and it did not disappoint.

Here is a quick round-up of what was announced:

  • PS Vita Price Cut in Japan: Both Vita models will reduce to the price of 19,980 yen from February 28, however there are no plans for a price cut in North America or Europe yet.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita Bundle: PSO2 will release with the Vita in a bundle package for 19,980 yen on March 28.
  • Toukiden Announced: A new portable action game from Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, it will support four players and there will be a demo in April.
  • Soul Sacrifice Bundle, Dated: Soul Sacrifice will be coming to the PS Vita on March 7, there will also be a PS Vita bundle with the console costing 24980 yen.
  • Additionally Final Fantasy X HD was shown as well as footage of God Eater 2, Gundam Breaker and Valhalla Knights 3, the latter two were given a vague 2013 as a release date.

Here is what you can expect Final Fantasy 10 to look like on the Vita:

Overall it seemed like a solid event, it is obviously very Japanese focused but there is a lot to get excited for there. Unfortunately it could have been improved by cutting the Vita price in NA and Europe, but I’m sure that’ll happen soon enough anyway.

What do you think of these announcements? Are you looking forward to Final Fantasy X on the Vita? Let me know in the comments.

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