Watch 35 Minutes Of Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay

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Beyond: Two Souls has made a big appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in the form of 35 minutes of gameplay and a new trailer.

The video above is the gameplay video and contains numerous spoilers for the game, obviously, so be warned. But if you want a taste of what the game will be like I thoroughly recommend giving it a watch.

Beyond is the latest Quantic Dream game and if you have played any of their past titles you know what to expect. It must be hard to sell people on a game which has a very specific style, these games are very story based and if this is like Heavy Rain the amount of actual ‘gameplay’ will be questionable. However, if you want a strong story and fantastic visuals I’m sure Beyond: Two Souls will live up to these expectations.

Below is the new trailer released from Tribeca, mostly taken from the 35 minutes above, so if you don’t have time for the video above you can check out this one.

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