Yoshi Enters The World Of Yarn On Wii U

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During Nintendo latest ‘Nintendo Direct’ episode, president Satoru Iwata took time to announce quite a few upcoming Wii U games. One of which was a new Yoshi game. As they point out in the episode, this is the first game starring Yoshi since 1998’s Yoshi’s Story for N64. Even better, the new Yoshi game is developed by the team behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Judging by the short clip, it’s basically takes Yoshi and puts him in a world of yarn……in HD.

My opinions on Nintendo have changed since I grew up, but this new Yoshi game looks like something I might play, at least in small increments. Despite my feelings, I cant deny this does look great. Hope it all turns well, and for my sake, make it somewhat challenging unlike Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Check out the Nintendo Direct clip featuring the Wii U Yoshi game.

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