Kevin Hart Shows His Gaming Side At Ride Along Xperience

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Last week we got the opportunity to experience a gaming lounge hosted by Universal Pictures and Konsole Kingz to celebrate the movie Ride Along. It was a great time, and inspired me to think: Why don’t we have more lounge gaming experiences more often? We don’t have to celebrate anything, just get together over food, drinks, and the latest games.

As you walked into the lounge you could hear classic Ice Cube records playing in the background. People were taking pictures, enjoying the music, and of course obliterating the free food. Towards the back of the room is where the real fun was to be had, the games.

Konsole Kingz hosted a live stream with Hip Hop Gamer via Twitch, and first on the menu was a Call Of Duty: Black Ops tournament. I was able to get a few kills in, but my lack of Call Of Duty skills landed me in last place every round. I only regret that Twitch viewers had to see that.

Konsole Kingz had a brand new Xbox One setup on the main screen in the room with NBA 2K14. I was mostly a spectator for this game, but my skills are better at NBA 2K than COD. The matches got pretty heated and gamers were so into the games, several outbursts and cheers came from good and bad plays.

Kevin playing NBA2K14

The star of the show, Kevin hart joined us in the gaming festivities. After a brief interview with Hip Hop Gamer everybody was really surprised to see Kevin was informed on the gaming industry. His skills in Call Of Duty were similar to mines, but he needed no big tutorial or briefing on the buttons. He was eager to jump into NBA 2K14 to join in on the hyped matches.

Afterwards Kevin Hart and Ice Cube joined a bunch of gamers for a round table discussion as well as 1 on 1  interviews. Here is the audio from the round table. Enjoy!

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