Sponsored Post: Don’t Mess Up Christmas, Choose PlayStation 4

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With the holiday season coming up, it’s the prime time for gaming. Dedicated gamers like us have massive backlogs to get through, and there’s been so many exciting titles releasing over the past few months that I need to catch up on. PlayStation 4 is the perfect place to play some of this years biggest IP’s. Not to bash the competition, but the PlayStation 4 is the premium next-gen console experience, and there’s a few things to back up this claim.

Firstly, with the larger adoption rate you can bet that your friends are on the PlayStation 4. With its built in party chat features, PS4 makes it easy to enjoy gaming with your friends . You can even take things further by inviting friends to try out one of your games without them needing to own the game themselves. Yes, Share Play on the PlayStation 4 lets you stream your games to you friends PS4 so that they can play with you.

Secondly, some of the biggest games of 2014 feature exclusive content on the PlayStation 4, like Destiny for example. With such a big adoption rate you can rest assured that the PlayStation 4 ecosystem will flourish with exclusive games and content. The recently revealed Street Fighter V exclusivity is just an example of what the future holds in store for the PlayStation brand.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friend, partner or relative then the PlayStation 4 is the perfect choice, whether you’re buying the console or the games for it. If you already own the PlayStation 4 then be sure to capture some exciting moments this holiday with the share button.

The Koalition wishes a Happy 20th anniversary to the PlayStation brand, and happy holidays to gamers worldwide.

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Attention: This post is sponsored by PlayStation, but all opinion is my own and is completely uninfluenced.
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