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Here are some new screenshots of the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain game coming out next year! The new images showcase some new additions to Big Boss’s team in The Phantom Pain, and one of them is DD, short for Diamond Dog. DD will now join Big Boss in his missions to accomplish some of the most difficult goals that require complete stealth under radar. And after what’s happened to Sneak in the past, maybe a DD will help soothe the pain and suffering. He is mans best friend, after all.

The other addition is Quiet, a mute female sniper who was active during the 1980’s. Eventually, she managed to save Big Boss, and effectively surrendered herself into Diamond Dogs custody. Because of this, despite Kazuhira Miller’s insistence that they kill her. Ocelot and Big Boss instead suggested that they lock her up, although he agreed that she might have to be killed if she proved to be too much of a threat to Diamond Dogs’ existence, adding that he would be the one to kill her. At some point, she was tortured by Ocelot and managed to take down three Diamond Dogs soldiers on Mother Base.

I do have to say, while Quiet is unique and a bad ass in the game, DD is one of the coolest additions to the team. I think he is even cooler than the COD Dog. Just his appearance alone had me at an awww! He is a spitting image of Big Boss, I kid you not! Check out the images below to see what I’m talking about!

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