Remedy Explain How The Mix Of TV And Gameplay Works In Quantum Break

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Remedy have gone into some more detail about how the mix of TV and gameplay will work in upcoming Xbox One game Quantum Break.

The Alan Wake developers have a huge task in making a live-action series coexist with a game, today we finally got some more info about how that mix will work.

Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne explained that you will not always be playing as protagonist Jack Joyce, in fact at the end of an episode you will play as the villain, it is he who gets to make the choices that affect the story in Quantum Break:

“At the end of the episode you get to play the bad guy, who has the most powerful time-manipulation powers of all. So he gets to choose which future comes to pass. You play that bad guy; you choose the moment.

Then, once you’ve made your choice, you can enjoy a high-quality TV episode where you’ll see how your choices impacted certain things. Unlike many other games, you actually get to know what the consequences of your choice are. [In other games], when I make a choice, I don’t necessarily know what the impact of that decision has been, or why things turned out a certain way. Obviously you can have twists and turns, but it’s good to understand the consequences of your actions. We should be making [choice] more meaningful for gamers and more engaging.”

Quantum Break sounds very interesting but also very difficult to do right, the sound of my choices in a game becoming reality in a live action TV show does sound amazing but I must assume that those choices must be minor or limited, otherwise they would have to film a lot of different scenes. If Remedy pull this off it could be one of the defining games of the Xbox One, I have faith that they can do it considering Alan Wake was a great experience.

Do you like the sound of Quantum Break? Do you think Remedy can pull it off? I’ll be interested to know if you think they can.

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