Sonic Boom Might Be The Worst Sonic Game Yet!

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Whether you should love or hate Sonic has been open for debate ever since the early 90’s when the anthropomorphic hedgehog first attempted to Do what NintenDon’t.

However after seeing gameplay footage for the upcoming Sonic Boom on the Wii U, I think we can all agree that Sonic and his entire posse should be unceremoniously put down.

The gameplay video above (bought to us by ShackNews) reveals that not only does Sonic Boom look bad, it sounds even worse! Yes I know this is a game based on a TV show, designed for kids but as a father I can honestly say I’d rather let my son play Resident Evil with an Oculus Rift.

Hopefully our E3 crew will be able to sample the game for themselves at this year’s expo but until then, you should cross this one off your “Games To Pre-Order” list.