Mountain Dew Website Hints at PlayStation and Activision Partnership

Activision and Sony hint at partnership.

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Every year, Mountain Dew and Doritos partner up with Activision to promote the newest Call of Duty game. Normally, this is done alongside Microsoft, as they and Activision normally have a marketing/timed DLC agreement. This year is no different in that Mountain Dew and Doritos will be promoting the game, but it’s certain wording that makes us think something is changing.

First found on Reddit (via Gamepur), Mountain Dew recently released new sodas to promote the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The website listed under the bottle cap, ““, links to a promotional website for the PS4 game Warframe. The tagline for the website reads as:

“All year long, DEW and DORITOS are teaming up with PlayStation to bring you closer to greatness with rewards for your favorite games.”

While this isn’t 100% confirmation (far from it), it could be a major hint that Activision and Sony might be partnering together for marketing, as well as timed DLC for the upcoming Black Ops 3. As with all of these rumors, we will probably know more in a month or so, when both companies have their press conferences at E3. Make sure to stay tuned for any updates.

What would you do if Sony had timed DLC for Black Ops 3? Does this change the system you plan on buying it for? Sound off below. 

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