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Nintendo Announces Official 3DS Ambassador Edition

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This week, Club Nintendo members in the UK received emails to exclusively pre-order the new, official 3DS Ambassador Edition. Complete with Super Smash Bros cover plates and sleek white and silver exterior, this new handheld looks incredibly sleek.

Typically keeping things “hush hush” in regards to Club Nintendo exclusive requirements, Nintendo has yet to announce what criteria is deemed necessary to receive the email to pre-order this.

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new nintendo 3ds ambassador edition

Pre-orders for the Ambassador Edition will close officially on Monday, January 12th for players in the UK. Whether North Americans will be receiving this same offer has yet to be announced.

The Ambassador Edition 3DS is now priced at €180 which in U.S dollar conversion, comes out to roughly $270. Perhaps the price will drop in the U.S if it does in fact hit the market.

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