Platinum Games’ Director Wants to Make a Kill la Kill or Berserk Game

When it comes to action titles, Platinum Games is responsible for some of the most exhilarating experiences out there with the critically acclaimed Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 being a part of their limited but commendable library.

They are known for working with a variety of publishers including Activision, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sega and have been trusted with valuable IP such as Metal Gear and Star Fox. This year at E3, it was even announced that Kenji Saito, the director of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance would be working on a new Transformers action game under the name, Transformers: Devastation.

A new Platinum Games experience is always an exciting thing for action game fans and the prospect of a game based on an anime series has been constantly discussed among fans of the studio. So when Twitter user, @TheBudgiecat asked Saito about the prospects of a new game based on Tatsunoko Productions’ Karas and their recently revived Gatchaman project, he had an interesting response.

Yes, Kenji Saito responded that he’d be interested in working on a game based on Trigger Inc’s popular 2013 series, Kill la Kill or Kentaro Miura’s Berserk series. These are both highly popular franchises among anime fans and either title has the potential to be developed into an exciting new action game.

However, it is also possible that Kenji Saito’s response was a joke at fellow director, Hideki Kamiya’s expense as Kill la Kill and Berserk are both titles that he has been constantly asked about. Kamiya is now known to block users who send him requests for Kill la Kill or Berserk titles among other frequently asked questions.

Source: Twitter

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