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The Jay Electronica Album Conspiracy Theory

I’m here to tell you that this album is a lie.

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I’ve never claimed to be a conspiracy theorist. Sometimes I do get lost in the rabbit hole that is the internet checking out certain conspiracy theories, such as the JFK assassination and the Illuminati. For almost six years now, people have been waiting on this so called “album” that rapper Jay Electronica has been promising fans since “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C” were released in 2009.

Jay Electronica has maintained the buzz of an artist that has an album coming out tomorrow for SIX YEARS based off of two songs. I’m here to tell you that this album is a lie. There is no “Act II” and there are no songs that will be on a so called “Act II” album from Jay Electronica.


Truth be told, Jay Electronica might be trying to sell you some Vector knives or some other get-rich-quick scheme with all of this talk about “Act II.” Act II? Sounds like the middle phase to a ponzi scheme if I’ve ever heard of one. In six years we have heard a total of six (or so) songs from this supposed “messiah of hip-hop.” When he performs, he’s performing older material, such as these songs and sprinkling in some new verses here and there to make you think that there is an album on the way.

Don’t you think that if the album was done already that it would have been released by now? Even Gunplay is getting out of album purgatory before this so called “Act II” is given a release date. There was speculation that it would come out in 2014 because a track list was released; that was in March of 2014 and here it is, March of 2015. Are we even sure that Jay Electronica is the guy in the pictures? Maybe this is all an elaborate prank and the man in the pictures is a vessel, such as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3?


My theory is that the album hasn’t even been recorded and it doesn’t exist, nor will it ever exist. This so called “Act II” that you see people claiming they’ve heard is really just folklore and a conspiracy to make you believe that Jay Electronica is going to be the savior of hip-hop from the so called “bad artists” like Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, RiFF RAFF, and more. This theory has been expounded upon via KanyeToThe as well, saying in short that “Act II” is a myth and we’ll never get it so we’ll get “Act III,” which is “The Prestige.” Hit that link because it will explain it in better detail if you haven’t seen Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige.

There’s more hype for a Jay Electronica album that you have heard NOTHING from than almost any album that has been released in the past few years. There are some that speculate that it will be released out of nowhere, a la “Beyonce” and “To Pimp A Butterfly,” but if there’s no music then how can an album just appear? It’s almost like what came first? The album hype or the album? And the album hype, based off of those couple of songs from 2009, has given Electronica power that he holds over fan’s heads. For some crazy reason, they’re sucked into this idea that he’s going to give them what they’ve been waiting on. I’m here to tell you that your Rap God has forsaken you.

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Whomever Jay Electronica is, or whomever he claims to be, seems to be playing an elaborate prank. Remember when Electronic Gaming Monthly used to do April Fool’s jokes about video games? What if “Act II” is just one great big prank? A joke amongst hip-hop’s inner circle. People will claim to have heard it and have worked on it, but to keep the gag running, they say that but there’s really no music. So if Jay Electronica only raps in his spare time, what is his real profession? Janitor? School teacher? Garbage man? I’m going to say that he’s a magician because I’ve never seen this much anticipation for something that was fake since wrestling PPV’s on Twitter.

If you’ve made it to this point, I hope you realize most of this is satire. Seriously, this album has almost the same power of Dr. Dre’s Detox and we saw what kind of a myth that became. If you really think “Act II” is coming out anytime soon, let’s talk. I have some beachfront property that I can sell you located in Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, and Wyoming.

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