Steam’s Mods Are Already Having Issues

First mod already pulled from Steam.

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Yesterday, Steam unveiled a new idea, to let content creators monetize their mods for games, starting with Skyrim. I wrote about how it could be a good idea, benefitting creators for their hard work on these awesome mods.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not even a full day removed from the concept, and there has already been a mod pulled from Steam after a couple of accusations that the mod was using assets from another mod. The mod in question, created by well known Steam modders “Chesko” and “aqqh”, were apparently using assets from the equally well known Fore’s New Idles in Skyrim. In a comment thread under the mod, “Fore” arrived and claimed he had not received any questions about using his assets, and isn’t even into the idea of selling mods. Go figure.

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I guess maybe selling mods isn’t the best idea? Who knows at this point.

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