We Have Issues! – Special Edition NYC Photo Gallery

Just imagine stepping into a dark room covered in dust as people hover over various comics, hiding their faces in shame. Sweat beings to fill the air as the latest comic book from their favorite artist is announced. There is no thunderous applause here, they must not draw attention to themselves…. for no one wants to be considered a “nerd.”

My, how the years have changed when being considered a “nerd” would brand you as an outcast. The nerds have inherited and the earth however, and their first stop is New York City!

Special Edition NYC was held during this weekend in The Big Apple. The comics-only convention took center stage, drawing in hundreds of faithful followers. Taking place at Pier 94, this mini-convention was filled with bright bold colors, beautiful people, and talented cosplayers. Everyone was there to show their pride for the comic book artists as they took to the event to showcases their best works.

From Mega Man to Street Fighter, and everything in-between, they all made an appearance as crowds of people cheered at the opportunity to collect the latest comics, buy the hard to find back issues, and add original art to their collection.

The culture was alive and well and The Koalition was on the scene soaking up every moment. Sit back and relax as you check out everything from this annual event… in picture form.